Do you want to build

a race car? 

We are a team of future engineers

We are RU racing! The Formula Student team of Reykjavik University. The team was founded in August 2015 by two mechanical engineering students who immediately began recruiting and set the goal to compete at Silverstone 2016. The main design philosophy of the team was to build a simple and durable car to be able to spend as much time as possible testing the car and collecting data to see which aspects of the design need to be improved.



Our members come from different backgrounds and disciplines, but we are all students at Reykjavik University. The team is comprised of mostly engineering students but our mission attracts individuals from many fields of study including computer programing, finance, and psychology, to name a few. This creates a diverse atmosphere within the team, which in turn guarantees diverse solutions for solving problems.

Participating in RU Racing gives students the chance to use their acquired skills in real-world situations, be it engineering, management or finance. 


To succeed in this goal driven environment, good teamwork is necessary. 

Our policy is that within the operations of the team, no one is limited to their field of study. Anyone can lend a hand on an ongoing project if he or she wishes. It is this collaboration with fellow peers, honing talents and gaining new ones that give our members the experience for their future career. The team empowers students to engage in real life problems and challenges to solve complex problems as a team. 

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Making every second count

Formula student is held around the world and to win you need to have the best-engineered car, the lightest and the fastest. The goal of the competition is to compete in many different challenges that we, the team, need to solve. Every second and every point counts to win the race.

Idea to function

Every idea has to start as a goal. How to reach the goal with the idea is the engineers' process to accomplish the next-generation design. We set the goal, we think about ideas and we engineer the idea to solve the goal. 
This is when the teamwork will matter the most, as we face some hard goals that need to be solved, the teamwork will ease the load of the problem.

Showing what we got

Arguably one of the most important parts of the engineering process is bringing finished products to market. At RU Racing we take pride in what we build. Showcasing our car to the public is a great way to acquire sponsorships and hopefully inspire future engineers.

Student to Engineer

Here at RU Racing, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part as the next generation of engineers. 
We engage in teamwork and challenge students with real-world problems that they have to solve, as a team. 

Reykjavik University

Reykjavik University's (RU) subjects in research and teaching are science and engineering, computer science, business, and law. The University has a modern, interdisciplinary approach and offers programmes that, for example, cross business with computer science and computer science with engineering. RU is at the forefront of research in Iceland in its focus areas.

RU emphasises hands-on learning that prepares students for the challenges they will meet after graduation. This means working with other students completing actual, real world assignments and projects, often in collaboration with companies and institutions. This is one way in which students benefit from RU's extensive connection to industry. Classes are kept small to encourage interactions between students and teachers.  

Fast machines

We make the next generation of a race car. Our goal is to make a new project every year and compete in Europe.