The start

In the year 2015 a group of students decided to form a team to pour their enthusiasm of building and modifying cars into from that Team Sleipnir was founded. Which later on would become RU racing today. Over the year we have built 3 separate formula student vehicles which have been made in-house at our facilities.

Our Storie

Formula Student

Formula Student is a student engineering competition held every year in the UK (United Kingdom). Teams from around the globe come together with their design, built, tested and race a small-scale formula style racing car. The race cars are judged on a number of criteria lap time, build quality, engineering design, cost & sustainability, business presentation, technical inspection (Safety, chassis, noise, tilt, brake and Tech), skidpad, 1km autocross/sprint, 75m acceleration and 22km endurance and fuel economy and out of all these events are given out points that conclude in a winner with the most points.

Formula student first event was held at the motor industry research association (MIRA) proving ground in 1998.


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